good news, bad news, COPS

So it’s kind of funny that I thought my little discussion with the neighbor fellow would be my main interpersonal challenge of the day.  Because not an hour and a half after we arrived home for errands, just when I was about to round up my kids playing outside, Nels was brought home – in a squad car.  My son had (without checking with me first) tried to catch the bus to see his father at work.  With no coat. Or shoes. So this nice police officer brought him home. And lectured me (don’t worry, I did participate in the discussion). And called CPS. w00t!

I’m kind of through defending our lifestyle (altho’ I may in fact NOT be through with this, CPS-wise! Hee hee!), which I’ve done many times here on this blog, eloquently or no. At this moment I’m torn between laughing and thinking of the awesomeness of my kid vs. seriously dreading any follow-up (the PITA of which is at the discretion of Authorities), because really?  I have a life to lead, and get on with. But: whatever.  So I hope someone’s on my side when I get hauled off to the pokey.

I love the policeman (who is a mandated reporter, so he really did have to make this call) said I’d “done nothing wrong” and there was “no danger” and CPS would “do nothing”.  He repeatedly assured me not to worry.  “You have a nice house and clearly you are caring for your kids.”  Um, yay for being white and middle class?  Good luck, everyone else who isn’t in that category!

So something kind of amazing (altho’ minor) happened.  My husband had called Helsing Junction Farm to get their brochures to pass out around town so people could sign up for the CSA we’ve been enjoying the last few years (What’s a CSA? [here]).  Due in no small part to our involvement (including a collaboration with this farm and several other locals at last autumn’s Food, Inc. screening, which my husband spearheaded), I discovered the drop sites this year are the usual larger urban areas of Seattle and Oly/PDX and? Wait for it…  Hoqiuam.

Get that?  Local, sustainable, organic CSAs now available in larger urban PNW crunchy communities – and – Hoquiam.  Motherfucking Hoquiam!

Seriously, even though I don’t deserve to be a mom and stuff, I am not entirely a wretched human being.

(Bonus: vote in comments: should Kelly get to keep her son Nels?  Yes or no?)

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