televisor por mi enfermedad

I’ve been nursing a sore throat and thereby being Smart and sitting on my ass watching several bits on Neftlix Instant View (and finishing up various knitting and hand-sewing projects).  The films I’ve seen in the last two days are as follows: Doubt (2008), Deliver Us From Evil (2006), An American Werewolf in London (1981), Pan’s Labyrinth (2008), and Ninja Assassin (2008).*  As well as this, often when Nels and I are snuggling late at night (while Sophie puts Ralph to bed) we watch “The Vicar of Dibley”, a British sitcom.  Nels loves it as it concerns a beautiful, fat female vicar (that means pastor) who’s a nice person and a funny person and gets to all sorts of silliness in her little township.  There’s also a bit of farm animal humor and bathroom humor and all-in-all, Nels and I are laughing and snuggling well into the wee hours.

You know, in all of this I’ve lucked out in that the viewing has all been very good except for perhaps one stand-out ( *cough, cough!* ).  Today Sophie watched quite a bit of Pan’s Labyrinth (yes, I know it’s not appropriate for children) and there was this scene where a man grabs his pregnant wife’s very pregnant tummy, and I didn’t think much of it but my daughter said, “That is so rude to grab a woman’s tummy without asking!”

And I thought, Sophie, you are seriously fucking awesome and I’m glad I’ve got my Feminist Paranoia rants set to 11.

* Yes, I know that’s a weird selection.

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