Little Trundlekin
This is the kind of awesomeness I live with. It makes up for pretty much any bad thing that happens to me.

In Nels’ right hand he’s holding the handle to his favorite vaccuum. It really is his favorite. We found it (the vaccuum, not the handle) in the Habitat for Humanity store a few weeks ago. I had no money but Nels begged, begged me to buy it. The men there told us it was $5 (the price tag said $10) and put Nels’ name on it. We picked it up via bike the next day. He vaccuums with it, natch, but also takes the handle out as a hiking stick/sword.

Also, I am a knitting sewing fool. The hat, coat, shirt, pants, and bag were all made by me (P.S. I made the kid too).

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