the house of woe

I have caught the head cold my son is recovering from.  Luckily it seems a mild enough illness – I only suffered a day of sore throat.  Now my sinuses are congested and I force myself to rest.  I do not like resting when I’m sick, probably because I am used to running around during the day.  I itch to cook and clean and take the kids to the bakery and sew.  Instead, I rest, I catch up on good movies (1993’s Age of Innocence and 2007’s Irina Palm, so far) and appreciate my family, who is loving and caring during a time like this.

Nels wants to walk to the Post Office but he stays inside after I request it of him.  I am not up to thinking about his outdoor excursions today.  I need a break. My mother comes over to go grocery shop for our dinner tonight.  I lie in bed and relate to her my list; my daughter puts her arms around me and rubs myarms, trying to coax fever from my bones.  She doesn’t want to leave me, Sophie, but I can tell she wants to go with my mother.  I tell her no really, I’ll be okay.  She can go.  She finally decides to do just that.  I am glad when she does and I am reminded of just how easy it is for her to feel responsible to others’ needs, and not always her own.

Ralph arrives home from his day trip to Olympia.  He’s brought me coffee and bread from a bakery I love.  In the kitchen he begins dinner with the supplies I’ve arranged him, a soup with organic ground beef, garlic, fresh vegetables, and egg noodles.  My body aches and after I pen a few words I go back to bed with coffee and toast beside me.

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