we are broke and it ain’t no joke

I nearly finished a woolen flannel hat I started a couple days ago. I would have it complete but the grosgrain ribbon I bought was all kinds of ass and looked extra-terrible when I put it in; now I have to rip it all out. I’m going to order some from an actual millinery supply shop (online). Should cost about a dollar (half as much as the “instant gratification” solution of Walmart, which ended up a non-solution).

Then I’ll have a hat. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it as it’s slightly too small. I made the size Large, but my head is big I guess. I kind of knew this but didn’t have the balls to sew with a smaller seam allowance. I did this once on a hat years ago and the thing swam on my head. Of course this was years ago and I have progressed as a seamstress. I probably could have given myself an extra smidge of room and maybe ended up with a hat that fit. But: I didn’t.

Thanks for listening to my hat story.

I had just stepped out the door for my run when Nels came flying outside in a dress and bare feet, begging me not to go (I’d told him I was going, and it’s only for a half hour, and he was fine – but he changed his mind I guess. Sometimes he gets lonely and wants me and wails, “Little Mama!” in the most plaintive voice). So I returned to the porch and helped finish dressing him and we returned to our run (me) and a bike ride (him). This was all kinds of excellent.

Tonight we borrowed some bucks from my mom and ate out at our HQX Mexican restaurant, Los Arcos. We split entrees but someone ordered a secret margarita and two small people ordered Shirley Temples and the whole business spiraled out of control.
IMG_4914 IMG_4913 IMG_4915

Seriously? These three all crammed together on one side of the booth. The kids are all over their dad when he gets home from work. They spar over who gets to sit by him so he usually lets them both. Nels ate his hamburguesa (I think this restaurant makes the best in town) leaned against his father.

And finally, I picked up a HUGE package at the Post Office – a box full of fabric from my girl JJ. I wish I was famous so I had people sending me love-gifts all the time (but not so famous I got stalkers or death-threats). This was a wonderful and exciting bit of my day – rushing home to open the box and peruse the awesome yardage (I’ve already washed and cut out some of it to sew up tomorrow!) I love mail; I love fabric. That really works for me.

Thank you again, JJ.

Now it’s time for an MST Monday feature, all cuddled up together in the bed with yes, a frosty beer, the first I’ve had in weeks.

Today worked out pretty good.

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