going along to get along


Let me put it to you straight: in our last few weeks of very spotty weather I’ve been rather cooped up in our little house and I’m just not feeling it. I normally get a fair bit of sewing done but with the kids a bit stir-crazy too I’ve found it beneficial to engage in activities I can be drawn away from easily (including writing, cleaning, reading, cooking, laundry, dishes, food).  Sitting down and beginning a flat-felled inseam before hearing the ruckus of a knife-fight or their urgent requests I cook them lunch? It’s not worth it.

Today with $20 in my pocket to last a couple days I was forced to eschew the pleasure of a diner sit-down in favor of grocery shopping in earnest with, as it happened, my young son for company. Nels pushed the cart and talked to me in his typical musical chatter, advising me in all seriousness as to the vegetables that should go in our stew and a suggestion we purchase a small amount of jellybeans from the bulk stores. He also insisted on wearing my sunglasses (yes it’s raining BUT I HAVE SENSITIVE EYES, PEOPLE!) and carrying my wallet under his arm and paying for the whole business. Then he carried the two bags of groceries for me.  “Am I being helpful?” he asked in his clear voice. To me he is like everything wonderful, distilled.

Later in the day two sets of friends came over; a girlfriend with her three children in the afternoon, and in the evening our friend and dinner guest with her young daughter.  Their visits were like flowers in my arid day of writing, cleaning, cooking, and feeling kind of arsed to make myself more useful.

(Nels practices bellydancing:)

Nels Practices

And I made bagels.  But you already knew that.

Homemade Bagels

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