of maples y madres

My children smelled extra-good today because on our trip out to the nursery in Satsop (and our stop in Montesano for Phoenix’s name change form) they climbed several trees. And yes, I can smell bark. The smell clung to them in fact for the rest of the day. That and even despite our overcast weather of late they’re starting to get their sun-kissed look. They’re everything green and growing, infusing my existence with their beauty.

Juel’s Unique Nursery is a pretty fabulous place. Today was warm and wet but not muggy. Growing weather. It’s a wonderful peaceful place, quirky and very full of life.

Juel's, Wagons

Juel's, Japanese Maples

My mother was there for basil; she hadn’t made a good start on the herb and was hoping to find some. She did.

The kids played and ran the entire time we were there, followed by a young black lab/mutt who adored them.

Teeter Totter Pt. 1

Teeter Totter Pt. 2

Teeter Totter Pt. 3

Nels rather unfairly douched his sister out about the above escapade where he went flying off the kiddie teeter-totter. He is hard on his sister, given that she is a sensitive type who has never enjoyed being yelled at (who does) and gets her feelings hurt every time. I am proud of myself that I never tell her she’s being too sensitive. She has a right to her feelings. I try to hold her and hug her and when I do this she recovers immediately.

The trip today was my mother’s idea; she first took us out to lunch (the kids eat astronomical amounts of food these days) and dessert and coffee (decaf these days) for me. The drive was lovely as my mom is one of my most sought-after conversationalists. I am so fortunate to have her a regular in our lives. She and the children are fortunate to have one another, too.

We miss my dad. But we have one another.

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