the darling in the exam room

Before parenthood there were some things out of the breadth of my life experience which I now, fast-forward, idenfity as regular facets of it.  Like creative urination rituals, or being screamed at in public, or a midnight run to a grocery store for a box – you heard – of wine.

Or, concussions.

Both my children are incredibly active and as they are not required to sit at a desk in school all day they are mostly riding bikes, climbing trees, swimming, skateboard, arc welding, etc. In short they are a mass of bruises from the knees down and often their hands and feet have scratches as well, which heal with a remarkable alacrity (think: alien life form, it’s actually quite scary).

Especially Nels.  With the injuries, I mean. Who today, after we got home, got into a horrific scooter accident before the screen door swung shut behind my ass as I brought our groceries in. He had hopped on the scooter to go down the block and check on a much-younger child who was alone on the corner (to make sure the kid was okay).  But his shoe caught on the treacherous motherfucking HQX sidewalk and down he went. Phoenix came right inside and told me Nels had fallen. She was completely calm but she let me know it was a serious fall. When I got to him he was sitting on the grass crying but no harder than a minor spill. He put his arms around me and I saw the abrasion on his knee and felt that familiar pang of sadness, softness, empathy and love. Inside the house Phoenix ran a bath (to bathe his wounds) and got him some new clothes. He was calm before I sat down with him on the couch. Then I noticed the alarming goose egg under his blonde hair. Like: gross. Massive. I almost threw him off my lap.

I am no stranger to kid-injury of course. Last time we had a bike accident that warranted medical attention I managed to get right into the doctor for a look-over.  This time, no dice. The receptionist told me I had to get him to the ER.  Now honestly, this didn’t seem necessary, but since the doctor wouldn’t see me and we don’t have Urgent Care anymore … well fine.  So my afternoon was spent in the hospital, a place I don’t find particularly depressing or distressing. Nels was a hit with the personnel because I think they are used to parents talking for their children, and of course I don’t need to speak for Nels at all. He made sure to tell each person who helped us that he was not there to get shots.

A not-too-long wait and lots of paperwork and interviews of the little guy…
It Is The Waiting That Is Difficult

and poking and prodding (they even had him get into a wee little hospital gown!)…
Warmed Blankets

And we were on our way home with the normal, “Call us if you see vomiting or if he gets nauseated or an eyeball pops out of his head, etc. etc.”

I’m glad my little guy is okay.

Oh and P.S.: today in the bike shop he reiterated his desire for a unicycle. So. Yeah.

Our adventure put aside my sewing project, a kick-ass coat for the little fellow. Sneak peak:
Almost Done!

More outdoor lurve:
Lass In The Glen
Phoenix, at last week’s visit to the Polson Museum.

And Nels in the lumber-mill of the same – playing with something sharp and dangerous-looking:
Danger Machine

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