rock stars and slow-cooked Italian fare

A Nice Life

(No, but seriously? Do you three have to have the Sweetest Ever Possible existence? of 100% cuddles every sleeping moment? And why are the kittens and the kids growing so fast and it seems all our money is going toward food at the most alarming rate?!)*

Today is a US holiday, the fourth of July. So far we’ve had friends and my mother over for a fabulous late lunch/dinner, after which Ralph & Liights played a wee show at The Building here in HQX. Our lunch guests¬†the lovely and illustrious Ward/Hunt family accompanied us to the show, a little affair which was a rather funny event because I felt like, Oh wow, for 5:30 PM on a holiday there are actually a handful of people here! But the “handful” turned out to be members of the other two bands. Which I have been there so many times, I don’t know why I’m surprised when this happens. The second band that played, The Shade from NYC, had two dummers with a semi-shared double-set. That was pretty fun! I didn’t get to see the third band duchampion because before even the second set ended my kids were Not Interested (mostly due to the volume-level inside the building). We walked/biked home, and now Ralph is catching the final set as I type and escorting the two touring bands to my mother’s house where they’ll be staying tonight (I know!) before continuing their hard work getting their music out there.

Food awesomeness from the last couple days:

For The BoyChocolate-covered strawberrries from local berries. These were made yesterday because Nels was talking about them our entire trip to Portland last weekend. I also made he and Ralph special biscuits and eggs before getting started on dinner-party fare for this afternoon:

Spaghetti & Meatballs, Pt. 1Spaghetti and meatballs!

Yeah. So, That's Going To Taste Good

I also made this motherfucking tiramisu layer cake (no pictures, though) and an almost-totally-local salad of butter lettuce, red oak leaf lettuce, snap peas, green peas, carrots, and red cabbage – topped with homemade croutons and served alongside a modest red table wind (good ol’ Uncle Carlo).

It’s been a good day all-told.

Except for stuff like this:

BULLSHIT(My bullshitty kittens being all “patriotic” and stuff.)

* Did you know a picture almost exactly like this was cited as TOO CHILD-PORNY to be in my profile of an online sewing group I was a part of? I am still completely bitter at this save-ass ridiculousness – and yes, after arguing with the mod and getting nowhere I left the group – but shall spare you my multifaceted rant.

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