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It turns out I rather prioritize bullshitting and hanging out with dinner guests (tonight my sister Jules, my mom, and guest Randa) than taking pictures of the sewing I got up to while at the Lake. But in any case, here is my best effort documenting my business – for starters, a hoodie and pair of lounge pants with room to grow for my daughter:

Poor Creature


Center Back

Inside Outseam



Side Seam, Topstitched


Phoenix wanted a poison green something. I am so in love with the Imke hoodie I am happy for any excuse to make them. This one was made up in about an hour and from Joann’s cheap fleece. Funny as I was buying it I mused aloud I’d never sewn with it. The retail clerk said confidently, “Oh don’t worry, it’s very forgiving”. This made me laugh to myself because seriously? Fleece sewing is so 101 (for me – I prefer Malden Mills though). Anyway, later on while stitching I remembered I *had* made something from Joann’s fleece, so very long ago, an ivory and deep rose kind of baby bunting for my daughter. So very long ago or rather, so many projects ago I simply don’t remember. This is why, reader, I try – TRY – to take pictures!

Sewing while at the cabin, like baking pies (P.S. – I won, of course, and shoutout Paige re: “the incident”), is if not Traditional what I’d call Customary. I still remember the tender Thanksgiving awesomeness I made up on my little Spartan back in – I think – 2007 (I am too lazy to find good pictures but here’s my daughter wearing the dress).

While on vacation I also sewed a few gifts but I can’t, goddamnit, post them here (not now at least). Be assured I will publish their photographic memorialization when the recipients have received and opened the goods.

Tonight Phoenix was not interested in posing. And I don’t blame her. But I had to get pictures fast because she was already wearing the garments (a lot, and it’s very gratifying how much the kids like to wear my wares). I try to take the picture as soon as I can because I remember the lesson of the the ill-fated adorable striped knickerbockers I made Nels over a year ago – pants I painstakingly crafted and finished, took pictures of, and within the HOUR he’d spilled bleach on and destroyed them (in no way that could be salvaged).

& now? Time to snuggle my good-sport daughter.

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