crafty like a FOX

Phoenix mentioned our anniversary many times last night. And this morning when I stepped out the shower she’d left me something with a little Post-It note handmade card: “Happy Anniversary”. A robo-dinosaur with “angry eyes” (shown here from its new vantage point in my sewing room):

Wonder of wonders, I mailed out my client’s clothing – to the Netherlands!  I am incredibly poor at getting things in the mail but in this case I was highly motivated as it was an exciting event for me. I was finished two days past my original due date, but I had a wonderful time making those clothes. I pictured the little girl I was sewing for and hoped I was making things she’d love. I truly hope she likes her new digs.

My sewing room all tidied up I began preparing a few fabrics. I know I am a true Stitcher at heart because I love almost every aspect of creation: today, serge-finishing and then washing and drying yardage. Holding long swaths of lovely cloth and imagining what I might make is a true pleasure. Feeling frustrated with a couple yards of two different wool flannels I felted them in the washer and dryer as well (the correct term really is “fulled”). The resultant fabric is wonderfully supple and soft and warm and entirely different. I look forward to working with it.

Serging(lusty organic cotton canvas; 100% wool flannel – yum!)

Tonight we had the honor of being hosted for dinner at our friends’ J. and D.’s place. Lovely conversation and a casual dinner I didn’t have to cook; the most tasty fresh tortillas and ripe avocado slices. Nels went home early but Phoenix stayed and drew and enjoyed herself with the two dogs there while we talked.

I’d had a good couple of days energy-wise but today I felt fatigued again. I’ve been dosing myself with a few supplements and vitamins; also red meat and fermented foods. Today I didn’t do any of this (yet – I plan to before I fall into bed) – perhaps that’s why I’m tired, perhaps it’s something else (I am recovering from yesterday’s run and I did go for an energetic bike ride this morning). There are just those days you know: the ones where you aren’t incredibly awesome and don’t have much to show for anything, but it’s still a day, breathe in, breathe out.

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