nine years of wedded bliss

Today I had a lot to look forward to and it all delivered. For instance the kids and I had a date for some forest walking out on a friends’ lush and verdant property. Said friend made lovely snacks and we carried them out and walked trails and the kids ate wild sorrel and Nels and I went off on our own and tried the last of the berries (salal and huckleberries) and identified plants and did a minor bit of trail-clearing and he leaned against me and smelled amazing and had a great sense of direction when I got myself (briefly) a teeny bit lost. After our playdate we jetted home and Phoenix and her father were off to soccer practice while I went for a run and Nels stayed home on his own. Heavenly.

After I cleaned up Ralph and I fed the kids then he and I went out for a lovely dinner out at newish Italian restaurant Amore. We came home to our lovely and friendly children and a warm house and something fun to watch on the computer and silly cats tumbling about and a tidy sewing room waiting for my next project (hard to believe I did not sew one stitch yet today; however I am soon to get back to knitting a hat while I wait for Ralph to finish the earlier day’s dishes).

So: yeah.  A good day. I’m particularly glad I made time to take a run today. Especially in this gloomy lovely fall weather, it feels good.

And here, apropos of nothing in particular, is a photo I found scrolling through my many – a photo my daughter apparently took of my son performing an illicit operation in the backyard.

Caught On Camera

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