to quote mr. withers: a lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

Oh good Lord. I can’t stop taking pictures of my children. Probably because they’re Magic. And beautiful.

At Lunch 1

At Lunch 2

At Lunch 3


That expression on Nels’ face? That’s how he usually looks. Smiling.

Today at this very lunch we were eating our soup and ceasar salad and cheesy bread when Nels began to fiddle inside of his mouth. I immediately felt nauseated as, sure enough, his hand emerged with a tooth (his second, lost). I just about put my head down on the table. Anything tooth-related makes me want to barf. Oddly this does not translate to dentophobia – I can fall asleep in the chair I’m so relaxed. But you know, tooth loss, I kind of get weirded out at the idea of a bone falling out of our face.

Phoenix, just before soccer:

Before Soccer Practice 3

Before Soccer Practice 2

Before Soccer Practice 1

It was one of those wild days today: pouring down rain, lovely rain, wet rain. The kind of rain they show in movies when trying to make dramatic effect. Then the rain stopped at we had that kind of lovely wet fall day, leaves aren’t falling yet, the pavement smells clean, the world is newly awash and there’s an adventurous electricity in the air.

It was heavenly.

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