so comfortable and yet so resentful

October 23rd, 2010

Today’s family lunch: tuna fish sandwiches on fresh bread with homemade salt brine pickles*, orange and purple carrots* (pickling cukes and carrots from our CSA), sho-yu tomago* (soy sauce eggs), and Lay’s potato chips.

We were calling this a “Haunted Lunch” because of the orange-and-purple carrots and the “shriveled rotten eyes” (olives). And the “dinosaur eggs” and the tuna fish that “died by being pushed down the steps in an old spooky castle”. As you can see not all our jokes were relevant to Halloween, but it had Phoenix, her girlfriend S., Ralph and I laughing.

But Nels didn’t appreciate the “Haunted Lunch” theme and complained louder and louder about our jokes (such as they were) until he finally silently stood up and went in his room and then I heard him crying. We apologized, coaxed him back and promised it was just a regular lunch at which point he felt much better. Oh and you should hear how he says the word “lunch”. It makes me happier than just about anything.

Today I got back to some stitching and (my least favorite sew-work) mending and jeans-hemming. The second I get back there or warm the room up for use my goddamned CLOWDER is back there rolling on my feet or love-climbing up my leg (ouch!) or sleeping so soundly it looks like they’ve died:

I Leave My Sewing Room For One Minute

“Fuck you, bro.”

Oh by the way, this particular individual I believe is responsible for giving both my kids ringworm. Lovely, huh?

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