no mean art

Today: early-morning soccer game (truncated abruptly but still a nice outing for Ralph and Phoenie), a bit of sewing, a rainy shopping trip for just Ralph and I, back home cooking up homemade bread and pizza, kids playing Minecraft & snacking and cheerfully talking, friends dropping in for dinner and a beer, sleepover.

This morning as Ralph and Phoenix busied themselves to get out the door and I rolled over in the bed having had a satisfying dream of nighttime swimming in canals flowing through a live city, and Nels sat up for a minute (all bones and tufty blonde hair!) and looked around and saw me and put his arms around me and fell asleep against my neck.

I can’t help but think all these years and years of sleeping together is so good for our health.

Phoenix & Nels, as taken by Steve
(Photo by Steev)

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