“Oh *hi*!”

I finished two wool coats last night! Here’s one (the size 8):

Young Blazer In Wool Plaid

And here are my little scamps “modeling”, for which, yes, I pay them. $2 a garment (their requested fee):


I listed the jackets at Homesewn; you can peruse endless construction technique at the Flickr tagset.


Out and about in Hoquiam!

My Kids Doing Tommy Wiseau Impersonations

The kids (my two, anyway) are doing Tommy Wiseau impressions. If you don’t know what this means, I urge you not to find out.

The local American Diner (yes, that’s its name) has kid lunch specials including entree, side, fruit, drink, and ice cream for $4.99. Of course the children love it there although I find the food highly depressing. However I sat nursing a sub-standard coffee and loved watching and listening to the kids enjoying themselves.

The minute we sat down Phoenix flipped over the kids’ menu and began drawing.


“A black eagle”, she told me:

The other children followed suit. Sasha didn’t have a name for this one:

Drawing By Sasha

Here’s Nels’ work:

Drawing By Nels

Nels wrote out his soup recipe in graphic detail. From left to right: carrot, a can of chicken broth (on top of a real chicken), a pot, and broccoli. The planning of this soup was kind of the Biggest Deal Ever for our son.

I have observed most grownups I know have lost the ability to draw as decisively, joyfully, and unselfconsciously as most children I meet.

When we left the kids found a brand-new stuffed animal tucked in the dispensary of one of the fifty-cent claw arcade games. They were completely thrilled by this find; the smiles on their faces and joy in their eyes reminded me of childhood… the magic in simple things.

We stopped at the new thrift store which had some rather intriguing stuff, including a very old New Home sewing machine with manual and buttonholer. Oh, and frayed death-electrical-cord. If I could have tested the thing I might have brought it home. It was sturdy but lightweight and looked – besides the cord – well cared-for.

New Home

We got home to our sleepy cats and Nels got busy on his soup recipe (which, to his credit, included nori and miso and was entirely delicious).

Ralph’s had so much time off work he’s actually almost catching up on sleep.

It’s a good thing.

Christmas Imp

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