on the road

Today my mother and I took a quick trip to Olympia where we got some supplies for our Christmas craftyness (and, of course, lunched some Thai food). It was a good trip and while I was gone Ralph actually – wait for it – didn’t work himself to a frazzle but actually spent time R&Ring with the kids. When I got home he helped me with a super-urgent sewing errand (due date: tomorrow!) and made us all varieties of sandwiches and hot coffee (and later, red wine for me). He took good care of us, including the cats and chickens. Wonderful man.

Tomorrow the family and I head to Portland and the Inn at Northup Station to meet with Karen and Shelly from Patterns by Figgy’s and do some book-related stuff (good Lord… look at my daughter, hearbreakingly lovely; look at my son, I want to eat him up!). All four of us are looking forward to it! It’s going to be a short trip, just staying one night, so we won’t be able to see all our Portland friends. But roadtrips are awesome.

Nels is, by the way, convinced there are chocolate-covered strawberries in Portland. Anyone know where I can find them in NW?

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