They say whiskey’ll kill you, but I don’t think it will / I’m riding with you to the top of the hill

Today was productive but even more importantly it was beautiful. For breakfast I made my kids a quiche, sliced apple, and pan-seared franks alongside green tea (at Nels’ request). I got a little late started but when the kids sat down to eat they were joyful and hungry.

November 6th, 2010

Mid-day the children were distracted by the lovely large trees across the street and the piles and piles of leaves on the sidewalk. Phoenix and her girlfriend Sasha went to my mother’s to borrow a rake and they raked and jumped and re-raked over and over again; about a half-dozen kids were involved in all.

In the evening after Ralph came home we went to the Fall Gala at the John Spellman Library at Grays Harbor College. It was all kind of posh and catered with a open wine bar and music and a few dozen grownups (and only two other children and one babe-in-arms). We went with my mother. It was very nice. There was one piece I rather enjoyed. It was $900. I continued to enjoy it for a while longer, then moved on for a cup of coffee.

Two Talkers & A Listener


(Phoenix and I retire to powder our noses:)


Afterwards we took my mom out to Amore and I got all wacky and ordered the beef loin special (she got the cioppino special and was equally pleased). The food was amazing and the service was, as always, friendly.

Beef Loin, Sauteed Arugula, Brandy-Peppercorn Sauce

We are too broke to be going out to eat so Ralph just had water. Sorry, dude.

Today I also finished sewing up a lovely jacket (because, you know, my kids need MORE jackets? WTF?) and tomorrow it’s time to pack up a few gifts to go out in the mail.

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