this moment here in space and time is all that we can know

Today I watched my daughter’s last soccer practice of the season – I’m one of the few parents who does watch each practice. Sitting on a blanket with my silly hippie handsewn hat looking like an asshole. I did a little handsewing but mostly I stroked my son who laid in my lap.

My son

Nels’ hair is singularly beautiful and is growing past shoulder-length now.  I have a feeling he may have it all cut off soon. I enjoy it while I can.


One of the most wonderful things about our life is the freedom and spontaneity we live in day to day: Wednesday night, why NOT have a huge cardboard fort-building escapade and sleepover with grandma? Of course homemade popcorn and a special recipe for punch were involved, as well as a child-choice movie (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).

Kitty House, With Kitty

Ralph adds his own touches to the fort, which was some kind of “kitty house” (complete with children acting as real cats).

Adding His Own Touch

Grandma and Nels watch his work:

Nels & His Grazdma

My daughter draws the most amazing and expressive creatures, new ones with creative features, sometimes a dozen to two dozen drawings a day that end up, largely, in our recycling! Always the most imaginative details but rarely fleshed out with color – she moves on to another one. I’ve long thought I wanted to get a tattoo from one of the drawings she createsbut it’s hard to pick one. This scorpion, smaller than a dime, certainly caught my eye.


(part of the rest of the desert scene):
Desert Scape

This piece is beautiful and will be hung in my own living room when they are done with it at Grandma’s:

Funnily Phoenix seems to have little concept she has a “talent” at all. She draws, literally, from her own imagination which is prodigious and humbling to behold. I figure tattooing something on my body may be a more meaningful appreciation than hanging it on the fridge (which we also do, but still).

I hope to enjoy many more years of her art.

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