for posterity

Nelsisms from the last few days:

A stalagmite made from freezing water. Like an icicle but from the ground up – he saw one the other day and coined the term. Oh and according to Nels there are also “leftsicles” and “rightsicles” and he just explained to me how these would form. I’m a little skeptical, but okay.

Snuggle Trance
This is what Nels says he wants in the morning when he wakes up and desires me to come to bed and cuddle him.

Greedy Voice
This is what Nels cries out in protest when I am angry or irritated and speak to him with a “tone”.

Wine Makeout
You’re drinking wine and you’re really enjoying it. My kids think being drunk is funny. Because they watch “The Pink Panther” and “Reno 9-11”, not “COPS” or Leaving Las Vegas.

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