nocturnal goings-on

Nels’ current trend this week is to stay up all night – literally – and sleep all day. I just took this video at about 5 PM. Since sleeping solo is generally not practiced in this house, Hammy took one for the team and joined him. Warning, very low-light crap vid:

[flickr video=5247434161]

In other news:

I’ve joined Gertie’s Crepe Sew-along to upgraydd my wardrobe’s dress count. From zero to one. I’m thinking I’ll document the process, provided I can take pictures in the natural light of which there is little. Posting my process here on the blog is scary for me because I’m afraid of public failure. In the past I’ve had a hard time sewing for myself; I often end up unhappy with the results. Given that, so far my community participation with Gertie’s group has been to chickenshittily comment on the Flickr pool photos. It really is a fun and no-risk endeavor to watch other people select fabrics and sew!

I also want this baby wrap pattern pretty bad so I can punch myself in the eye when I sew it up and observe its cuteness.

And the news really putting a spring in my step, this morning Wendy Priesnitz from Life Learning Magazine contacted me to ask if she could publish a piece of mine. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her work and her publication and I’m very pleased she wants to use my wook. Can I get a w00t?

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