a busy life, a just mind, a timely death

Cooking. Writing. Cooking. Cleaning. Groceries. Cooking. Cuddling. Mediating (fights between the children; today, over a pack of Magic cards). Another grocery run. I’d have worked even harder except someone else made us dinner tonight (Nels and I brought our from-scratch french silk pie).

You’ll forgive me if I don’t have much of an update. Except for a few pictures from our day.

Breakfast – oeuf en cocotte:
Oeuf En Cocotte

Nels, at his grandmother’s (corned beef with horseradish, potatoes and onions, steamed cabbage, fresh strawberries, and french silk pie). He wears his father’s hat. He loves how it smells just like Ralph.
In Grandma's Kitchen

Nels was full of so. much. energy today. He just about destroyed me. Here he takes a rest.

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