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It’s 11:46 PM Sunday and we’ve had company, or been cleaning and cooking for company, since early Friday. Most the weekend we co-hosted Abi and her girls Olivia & Rosemary (they slept at my mother’s, a house with extra rooms); our latest batch of friends to feed and entertain tonight included ladyfriend A. and our feels-like-family teen boys T. and C. And I’m just out of the bath and have a cup of tea and feel like collapsing. So now? A photo-essay. Before crashing into bed in preparation for tomorrow’s roadtrip which includes five straight hours of driving.

Abi & Rosemary Skating. Abi & girls definitely struggled, but everyone had a great time. As for the Hogabooms, we are skating nrrrds so it all worked out (yes, Ralph and I even did some “couples” hand-holding but we got there too late for me to own the Hokey Pokey). I don’t think I’d been on wheels since Phoenix and Michael White’s “Unicorn Pegasus Roller Skating Party” (– and to freak myself out, searching through one-year-ago posts was kind of mind-blowing). I was almost taken out twice by super-fast and rambunctious speed-skating teens. They were very talented and speedy and when they’d crash it was Epic but they managed not to hit anyone else. Controlled chaos. I loved it.

Phoenix At Air Hockey


Phoenix! Air Hockey!

Hot Dog!

Nels! Hot dog! And some odd grape “vitamin water” all four kids were avid about. I haven’t tried it myself, yet. I’m not a soda fan, but I’m loving all their drink choices.

Ice Cream

Kids! Ice Cream! After a big afternoon swim date followed by brunch at my mother’s (I would have loved to share pictures but I accidently actually went somewhere without my phone, horrors!), and just before we said goodbye.

Our Favorite Taqueria

A date! With Ralph! I need one! And soon!

In other news: the Conch Shell Deli enters our third week. We are already “full up” on Wednesday and won’t take any more orders for the repast: calzones with broccoli, olives, mozzarella & artichoke hearts, served with basil tomato dipping sauce; Waldorf salad; and, for dessert, pineapple & pistachio pudding. All paired with a lovely drink, of course (to be announced).

Busy? Why, yes.

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