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Cucumber Mint Raita

Conch Shell, week 5 – another fun night! Here’s what we’re serving next week, on April 20th ( [pdf menu] )

Nels and I had a special date today. He wanted to be taken to KFC for a “Japanese lunch”, so called because they serve it in a box and his only previous exposure to such had been bentos. He and I stood in line for a too-long wait while other customers looked pissed; we danced (in place), spinning carefully on our heels, and Nels smiled and laughed bright as a trickling waterfall and hugged me. Once we received our food and sat down in the inhospitably sterile booth, it turned out my son was more enamored of the ritual and the novelty than the actual food; while he enjoyed portions of the green beans and biscuit, he ended up entirely too squeamish for the drumstick (and had several resultant questions and observations for me on the way home).

We had several extra kids over today, and Ralph and my work to record the next week’s broadcast early went awry. I’m a bit exhausted. I’d called the doctor earlier because, hey you all who are on medications for depression and anxiety? I am so goddamned impressed with you. I was on the lowest dosage of two medicines for two mere days and I couldn’t handle it. After a couple phone consultations we ditched one medication entirely and cut the other one to 1/4 of the tiny pill I’d been taking. So, there’s that.

The kids are working on writing and recording songs. Here’s what their friend Little P. wrote out for me to find, later, on the desk.

minecraft motiper is the bigest thing in the wole in tir wrod
and neles is the best player is the wrod
he is the best their is in the wrod
he is like a eye of a tiger a threll the nigte
and so is penexes she is like a eye of a tiger
threll the ngte


Minecraft multiplayer is the biggest thing in the whole world
And Nels is the best player in the world
He is the best there is in the world
He is like a eye of a tiger a thrill [of] the night
And so is Phoenix, she is like an eye of a tiger
Thrill [of] the night

Again: so, there’s that.

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