sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy

I woke up to flowers, a beautiful and unique bouquet, and Ralph cooking breakfast for about four kids, only one of which was ours. Last night we had about six extra children running around and about; two stayed the night over. Today we continued to have a houseful while Ralph did some spring cleaning and Phoenix, my mother and I took a trip up to Olympia. As it turned out, we mothers bought gifts for our daughters; my mom treating me to coffee and a little antique fabric book and part of our lunch while I in kind bought doughnuts and comics for my Phoenix as well as her favorite type of toy (“dinosaur skull” and “ocean life” – my kids, especially my daughter, always have adored plastic animals). I’m ready to get started on a new sewing piece and I’m feeling that calm thrill about it all.

At home Ralph cooked up a small feast while I experimented in my sewing room with twin needle and starched linen. He grilled tri-tip steak, roasted baby potatoes, and cooked up a tender cauliflower in olive oil, with a blueberry crumb cake for dessert. Nels helped set the table and serve up everyone, including making a centerpiece from the inexpensive glass “ruby” I found for him in the craft store. My mom joined us for a late late dinner and only now left. I feel oddly exhausted and only write here to chronicle my day. This might have been my oddly busiest Mother’s Day yet; no problem there –

just gotta fall into a hot bath and then a warm, snuggly bed with my lovely bambinos.

Sleep Town, USA; Population: me.

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