Childhood Perceptions, A Reception

Some photos from last night. Guess what’s hard work, preparing pieces for entry into a show. Curating a show. Designing an exhibit. Collecting donations from the community (and keeping a ledger). Planning, shopping for, preparing, delivering, maintaining, and cleaning up after reception food. Talking to people and sounding relaxed and mellow even when one has been running full-tilt for most of a week.

Still. It all came off beautifully. Of course, I couldn’t take many pictures last night as I had to “mingle”, cook and deliver and manage food, and hide, with Amber, to grab a half a clove cigarette now and then.

Staging - & Coffee!

On the right you see part of our “fantasies” exhibit including a dressup and interactive hanging display. We’re encouraging grownups and kids alike to partake – this experience is augmented by a lovely poem by artist Lindy Parker that was read by a child on the audio tour.

Cardamon Bread



I made quiche. Delicious!


Hummus et al.

An installation: Robin Moore’s “Dream Wrecker”, which I can’t wait to show you closeups of. Her interview was a hoot, too!

Enjoying The Show

Response to the show was quite positive! Including:

Wee Reception Kitty

Gallery kitty! Who ran in and out. She was tiny and sweet. The kids loved her, and one of the artists kindly donated her a catnip toy.

One (of three) of my interactive embroidery pieces.

Phoenix’s piece. Again, the audio interview is fantastic.

Ralph Tutors Embroidery

Ralph helps a young lad do some interactive embroidery (on my piece “Strictly Ivy League. Big deal.”). These pieces will be changing during the show according to those who want to participate. Fun!

Barb On Her Handcrank

Barb Shillinger sets up one of her lovely handcrank machines as well as some projects for the young and old to work on. Sewing with a handcrank is a lot of fun! This particular machine is also a treadle, but for a few reasons we decided to do the handcrank conversion. Barb was a wonderful help.

Nels & Wee Reception Kitty

Nels watches Gallery Kitty as she snoops her toy.

Catnip Toy!

Catnip bird #w00t

Besides co-curators Jeanne and Ralph (who rocked), when it came to the reception a few parties came through in a big way including Tully’s Coffee and two local professional bakers – as well as my mom, who helped mule things from my little kitchen to the Gallery, and most especially my friend Amber. Unfortunately I haven’t rested since last Monday but soon I’ll be back to blogging.

As for the show, it is beautiful and I need to post more intimate detail shots of more of the pieces. We are putting together a photo and audio exhibit to post at the website, and soon. I’ll let you know.

If you’re a local, please do come to the show before it closes on July 3rd – and take the audio tour, which lasts about a half hour and is wonderful.


Just: great stuff.


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