Your hat strategically dipped below one eye / Your scarf it was apricot!

I have updated my About/Contact page in a few ways. For one, I’ve added contact information (I truly thought it was already there!), updated personal information, and clarified my Comment Policies.

From the revamped Support section:

After many years of being asked, as of June 2011 I have added a donation element to my blog. If you read here and find anything of value, and have the resources and the desire to support me in this way, I now provide this option. Donating supports my single-income family, two homeschooled kiddos, our (too) many rescue cats, our leopard gecko, our friends and neighbors, various undertakings including volunteer work and local events, and helps keep my writings flowing and my social wellbeing work on point.

Currently, we four are hoping to attend the May 2012 Life Is Good Unschooling Conference, and any 2012 donations will be thus allocated. Thank you for your time and reading this far.

However, there are many other ways to support me and to be a part of this journal community. I appreciate comments, emails, DMs, phone calls, snail mail – because I write, in part, for connection. kelly AT hogaboom DOT org ; @kellyhogaboom & @underbellie on Twitter; you can also call or text at 5003287, area code 360. My address is PO Box 205 Hoquiam WA 98550.


Most readers who’ve been here long know I was blogging with frequency and (the best) quality (possible for me at the time) long before I added comments, knew how many readers I had, provided explicit contact information, or inserted a donation function. So let’s continue on with our scheduled programming, shall we?

In the meantime – I genuinely appreciate the ways this blog has changed, and most of all the commentariat, friendships, emails, IMs, DMs, phone calls, letters, packages, and a whole list of things that have both come into and left my doorstep.

Thank you for your years of reading, commenting, and supporting.

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