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Last Bites

A date out with Heather and Nels up in Olympia.
We turned in important paperwork for Heather and I picked up something for my mom.
I found fabric and we got sushi and had delicious coffee etc.

Last night: a dinner and bonfire and late stay-up out at dharmaFarm. Phoenix stayed over and didn’t get home this evening until 5 PM. Since I was out of town until 10 PM, it was a long time for me without my little girl. I love her so!



Bug Spray

Bug spray!

Chris Immolated


Phoenix (Goddess)

Phoenix i.e. Water-Goddess

I seriously look at that picture and can’t wait until she’s out of her bath in a few minutes, when she will snuggle close and I’ll get to put my hands over her warm little belly and we’ll watch something sci-fi. And no one has to get up and hustle ass for school or errands or whatever, and we’ll all be rested and snuggly. AND I almost have a hoodie finished that I’m pretty excited about, just figuring out some invisible zipper trickery.

The kids are amazing, transcendant, just like the rest of life when I actually contemplate it and take a minute out of my ordinary selfish wound-up habitual drives. The other day I caught myself stacking up the piles and piles of books the children pore through and read and re-read and (in the case of math workbooks) write in, then the drawing tablets and markers and a plate in their room and kicking their shoes out to the porch and I felt all irritated they don’t put this stuff away on my exact schedule then suddenly I think, What is my problem?

I seem to have a basic difficulty keeping up with the values I want to live. But I guess the important thing is, I keep trying.

If you’ll excuse me I’m going to take a Tylenol and crawl into bed. I had several hours in a car with a bunch of ladies, a wonderful road-trip – but now it’s time to be home.

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