fancy like that

Tonight Nels wants to throw a party. He’s making invitations up for all this friends. It’s about 5 PM.

“But Nels, you have to give people a heads-up – they can’t make it on such short notice,” Ralph tells him.

“But I’m using ENVELOPES!” he retorts, in total confidence.


I am tired and ill, but I am grateful. I am surrounded by loving children, a good partner and husband, kind-hearted and inspiring friends, and cats who’ll sit on my lap and allow me to give them pleasure by petting them. Our house is warm and our cars run (although I need both brakes and an alternator – and Ralph needs brakes and a new driver’s seat – yikes!). I am patiently sewing and knitting away on gifts for others.

Today Ralph mows the lawn, probably the last for a good while. The grass is lush and verdant and soft and spongey and deliciously green. I come home from volunteer work at the treatment center and he’s cleaned the bathroom, shining up the tub for me to take a candlelit bath should I wish.

The winter sets in early but we are safe and loved.

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