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The morning after the storm, such as we have, it’s raw and wet and tiny bits of detritus (and larger pieces of tree branches). Everything is wet, I mean soaked, and there’s a raw feel to the air.

I’d know the experience anywhere. I love it.

We kept warm and snuggly. I find a storm outside quite peaceful, especially given I’m inside, fed, safe, cared for by and loving up on dear family. I continue as much outdoor walking as is possible and practical, in between car errands and volunteer work the next town over.


Cake Of The Olden Gods

A cake involving sour cream and coconut cream and heavenly awesomeness. This was engineered from me in the hospital bed, and made by Ralph. He tried again the other night – but kept checking on the cake and it flattened. Don’t worry, we’ll keep trying for the original awesomeness.

Chilly Weather Party

We also recently had a small party with friends and lots of kids who ran around and yelled and played. It was good times. I made taco soup from scratch – no cans, home-roasted chiles, lots of TLC.


Kiddos awaiting good eats in our favorite local restaurant. Nels in his new cap and his fishermans sweater, the latter knit by our friend Tammy from Jackson St. Books on 7th.

Some Kinda Houseplant

I desire to make new houseplants for friends. I know I need to do something with these little baby strands. I hate the idea of failing. Help?

& They Are SOOOO Good

a la taquería, for a change.

Mable Cannot Get Enuf Love

Mable. Cannot get enough love. (note silly tongue-extension)

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