the time to be home – in heart as well as body

Aberdeen, Late Christmas Day

Waiting in Aberdeen, late Christmas Day

Today I have a warm home and plenty of food. I have a family I love dearly and get to spend time with every day. Today I have some of the most faithful and incredible friends I’ve had in my life. Today I have the ability and the courage to rely on people when I need them.

Today I have my health, and what health I do not have I get the opportunity to experience a deep acceptance. Today I have my faith, which though not impressive by any standard is still stronger than it’s been, and sustains me quite well.

Today I have resources to help other people, be it with food or company or a ride or a text or a phone call or support in the ways they ask for or need it most.

Today I have the knowledge of impermanence and nonduality, wisdom that is a scintillating diamond, a true treasure, after a third century of accumulating other types of knowledge – some silly, some direly relevant.

Christmas Day, 2012.

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