Easter at Wolf Palace

Today was tough. I moved about in a half-daze, getting a variety of things done. I made up most of a coat (melton wool, pictures soon) as well as housework and Easter dinner. I was tired from things yesterday, but I didn’t rest. It’s a little after nine PM now, and I’m going to make up a plate and watch a movie with a friend – as soon as I’m done here.

I took some time to enjoy the kids. They pretty much make my day, every day. Eventually we had to shoo a few other children off so we could have family time. We had to shoo them rather aggressively and more than once. They either preferred our home, or didn’t feel welcome at their own.

We released our butterflies today.

Daughter, Butterfly

Miracle + Miracle


& Nels ran in shortly afterwards, telling us he saw this season’s first bee. [ smile ]

Easter dinner – kids waiting.

Awaiting Easter Dinner

Awaiting Easter Dinner

Challah with red goose eggs, pea salad, fruit salad, honey-orange glazed ham. My mother joined us for dinner. I took two Tylenol (lower-left) and had some chai and felt better after a while.

Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner

Challah With Red Goose Eggs

Something special for birthday weekend:

N E L S Sugar Cookies


Easter at Wolf Palace - Kids Dividing & Sharing

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