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Until Monday, I will be tweeting and blogging about the Life Is Good Unschooling Conference in Vancouver, WA. After all, many of you readers supported me (financially, emotionally, and spiritually) so that we could be here! You can read more tweetage at this hashtag.

Longview Pres, Nicely Done On Signage #LiG2012

People. Y’all. This conference… whoo. Lots of people. More than I’d imagined. Tons of events. Elevators full of all ages. Wee kids running around in the lobby barefoot and talking on phones. ┬áTeenagers in dreds and hoodies and little geeky t-shirts and shy smiles holding hands and getting to do what they want. Lots of smiles. Amazing positive energy.

Watching my kids swim and one mom I never met before wiggles her ass at me through the glass. Another does an excellent cannonball into the pool with her kids.


Off to an event here, but I will be writing more soon!

Nels, Pool


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