this just in: blue vinyl chair solves all my problems

News: the July/August issue of Natural Child Magazine is out – and one of my pieces, previously unpublished elsewhere, is featured. I highly recommend any works published by this independent company as run by Wendy & Rolf Priesnitz. Wonderful stuff. And honestly, I think my own piece is pretty good. I hope you read it! I’ll publish it here at the blog in a month or so. If I remember.


Now back to blogging.

(massive laundry pile, dishes need to be done. But:)

Blue Vinyl Chair

Blue Vinyl Chair

I found this chair today. I went mad for it. It was more than we could afford, since times are tight. I begged Ralph for it. He bought it, but then said I couldn’t pester him for money for nine more days. Can I make it that long?

The chair is metal-embossed: “The Elegant FIRST LADY by Belvedere” (like this). It works. As in, the dryer works, the timer works, it adjusts up and down and has an auxillary power outlet. It’s also a pretty deep blue and vinyl so the cats can’t shed and dander on it. We have about four thousand percent more pet grooming on our hands with Hutch’s real estate, BTW.

Blue Vinyl Chair

Blue Vinyl Chair

I took like a hundred pictures of my kids. They were too beautiful for me to cull any photos. The kids dried their hair after their baths. Nels especially enjoyed it all, although my first picture doesn’t do it justice.

I love the freedom our family has. Stuff like this, like it is one of those incredibly fun things about family life. It’s wonderful stuff, truly.

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