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Me. Ten hours ago via email to Ralph: “I want that salad with fruit, garbanzo beans, and homemade bread rolls stuffed with ham and green beans”

Well while I was craft blogging and doing a bunch of other stuff, Ralph made dinner. Do you know what he made? He made all of it. Homemade rolls. This awesome salad. Roasted garbanzo beans. And fresh green beans sauteed with ham diced so fine it was like angels were in my kitchen.

It was the best meal I’ve had in forevvvvvveerrrrr


More stuff that got said today. On a long walk the kids and I and the dog, plus an extra kid, took.

Nels: “What you just said was so boring, a vulture squawked somewhere.”

Phoenix, later: “I’ll have a Virgin Mary because I’m a virgin. You have a Bloody Mary on the account of the miscarriage. Also your middle name.”*

I’m very tired. Insomnia quite a bit over the last week-plus. & last night just after falling asleep my neighbors got up to REAL rowdy and drunk at 2, 3, 5 AM. Going to the doctor tomorrow. About the insomnia stuff. About the neighbors, I may call the police since it’s happened like three times in the last ten days. Anyway, wish me luck with both!

Going to hit the shower and take some R&R.

* Marie.

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