hogaCHITLINS on Halloween

In a few minutes I’m off to help host a Halloween dance. Here’s a few pictures of our early evening before music, dancing, trick-or-treating, shenanigans, and probably one really shitty B-movie.

My Daughter Phoenix Fire

Phoenix designed everything about her costume. I helped a little, although I should point out she made her entire mask.

Nels + Phoenix, Halloween 2012

Nels was originally going to be “a tornado”. He’d figured out the whole thing. Then after¬†Hurricane¬†Sandy the costume was deemed insensitive. I made the Pikachu costume last night. My fastest work ever. 4:30 PM to 7 PM and I was pretty tuckered out making it. Here’s the back, and never let it be said I don’t do bush league work when I have to.

My Daughter Phoenix Fire

Phoenix's Pumpkin

I told you my daughter did a great pumpkin.

Phee Draws, In Costume (& Boots)

Phee draws while Nels & friends get an early start on the T-or-T. Daughter pretty much always, always draws whenever she gets a chance.

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