#LOL = #lurve

(I had to wait until I was sure Ralph was asleep, then sneak out to the garage to set this up for him to find in the morning.)

Driving home from printing homemade Valentines and Nels receives a call. On his phone. He is the Grand High Mayor of Cutetown when he answers his phone, seriously, call him sometime. Anyway he’s talking and Ralph and I cut eyes at one another. We listen in. It’s the girl he’d asked to be his Valentine. She’s enthusiastic. She agrees. They arrange a meetup in the neighborhood tomorrow to give one another gifts. He casually pops off the phone, smiling, in the catbird seat. Casual but pleased.



Valentine’s, this year. To Ralph, from me:

For Ralph

For Phoenix, from Phoenix, because she didn’t have the courage to ask anyone to be her Valentine:

Phoenix, For Phoenix

From Nels, to his little lady, because they play Mario together:

Nels, for A.

I have a few more up my sleeve I’m sending out tomorrow. I’m making chicken croquettes for dinner as is our tradition on Valentine’s Day… a weird tradition because I started it up on a whim kind of and I don’t even know if Ralph likes them all that much. The kids do, though!

(check my Flickrstream for past Valentine’s Day shenanigans… a very fun trip down ┬ámemory lane for me.)

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