“I don’t like men with… too many muscles!”

if you know the retort to my post title, I will make out with u

Opening night was lovely. Phoenix and Nels were the only, and I mean only, children in the audience. It’s sad how many people don’t know how to raise kids right, you know?

In Li'l Ol' Aberdeen, Even

Poster – the “picture” is omitted from the performance’s title, I guess, to let people know this is not a cinematic version. Or at least, so it seems to me.

RHPS Production Stills

Opening Night, After The Show

Most of the cast, after tonight’s performance. Everyone did a lovely job. The energy of the cast is incredible!

"Brad" Asks Nels How He Liked The Show

“Brad” asks Nels how he liked the show. Guess what, Nels liked the show. Actually, as I type this Nels is still partying at the cast party. If he can’t find a party, he starts one.

Another weird thing. I did not know what a geeky little fangirl I was of the show, until Ralph started participating in this and I felt every bit as giddy as I used to. I mean I still get teary-eyed at parts of the production! It’s so funny because I will probably always deeply love RHPS in all it’s glorious, glorious trashiness. What can I say? I think I was just exposed to it at a time in my life where I was ready to love it.

Don’t dream it – be it.

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