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flannel shirt sew-a-long: Introduction, Flickr Group, & Schedule

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Hello my awesomesauce stitching fiends! Today I am posting the schedule, the Flickr Group, and the Introduction post for my Flannel Shirt Sew-A-Long! Last week, I posted the supply list. Due to some supply issues for those who got on board the sew-a-long a little later, I am going to be having two rounds of sew-a-long. As you can see above, the first starts on Sunday, November 17th and ends Wednesday, November 27th. The second round starts Sunday, December 1st and ends Wednesday, December 9th. Remember, whenever you get started, I will be available to help with much alacrity all through November and December. Never fear, you will get that shirt made! Here is the sew-along overview:

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And now, a few notes about making a high-end plaid, flannel menswear-styled shirt:


1. We are sewing a detailed shirt, out of a challenging fabric. This will be a detail-oriented process. This sew-a-long involves practicing skills, cutting almost every piece of twenty-five by hand one at a time, and time-consuming interfacing methods. For my Beginner stitchers, YES, you can do it. But you will need to proceed carefully. So if I say, “Practice sewing a 3/8″ seam allowance until you have it down”, I really, really  mean it. Don’t be all slacking then get upset if you run into trouble later. You feel me? Intermediate stitchers, I’M LOOKING AT YOU TOO, because some of you got sloppy technique here and there.

2. I am not a trained professional, and have learned by trial and error. This is not the “right” way to sew a shirt (as if there aren’t MANY “right” ways!) but the best way I know how. In a couple days I will be posting to let you see just how wonderful the shirt is and why it’s a hundredfold better than retail. If you finish this sew-a-long, you’ll be proud of yourself with good reason!

3. This shirt is going to take a lot of time. DEAL WITH IT. Now here’s the thing: Sewing this shirt will benefit you in precision and sewing know-how for all future projects. You can always go back to shortcuts some other time.

4. This shirt is going to take a generous supply list. DEAL WITH IT. There are times to be frugal with yardage, but it is simply too frustrating to try to make something quality, without giving yourself a little leeway. Think of this sew-a-long as a treat, where you take your time and do it right. (By the way… my “right” is not going to match a lot of other people’s, and I got no beef with their methods and in fact would love for you to tell me about those methods in the comments!).

5. Even with all my great pictorial references, it’s hard to get something perfect. If your resultant shirt isn’t perfect please keep in mind that it is likely still going to be pretty impressive to anyone who sees it when it’s finished! Please consider participating in the Flickr pool and let other sewists encourage you! I am looking forward to your contributions. Let’s work hard on this so any future stitcher can find all ze needs to make a great shirt!

& Now… LET’S DO THIS THING! * Yes. This applies to any gender or non-gender compliant entity and any kind of underwear or non-underwear, because you know what I mean by this idiom!

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