My son and I are stepping out of the kitchen with our coffee when Ralph says: “I don’t know if you guys pray or not, but I have a class final in a minute. I would like you to pray I pass the test.”

I tell my husband, “Maybe instead, you should pray for guidance.”

Nels: “Yeah, Dad. It’s not like you should pray to God for what you want. ‘Hey God, can I have a car.’ Rude.”

Ralph’s quiet. Then: “I like how your Mom said it, better.”


Tonight my son tells me: “You have such cute cheeks. I love your cheeks. They remind me of a bathed pink flamingo. You are my Little Golden Finch. I love you.”

small stone #24
A small pile of furry bodies in the bedroom,
Human and animal alike.
An astonishing amount of contented slumber.

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