just a sample ten seconds of my day

In the car Phee and I are talking about adulthood and periods and my son listens for a bit, then says,

“I’m glad I’m a boy.”

Then he corrects himself, “Actually I’m not. Men and boys face all kinds of dangers -”

(I’m nodding, thinking suicide, homicide…)

“- like MAN-eating sharks! Why don’t they eat women?”

Phoenix immediately catches the spirit and chimes in: “The race of MANkind is doomed!”, she bleats in a sonorous, scary voice. Then, acting as a “woman”, performs a little victory fist punch, smirks.

Nels, now outraged: ” – and we have USELESS NIPPLES!”

Phoenix: “Mom. Did you know that 50% of the word ‘Canada’ is the letter ‘A’?”

Nels, without missing a beat: “Along with ‘banana’.” [ takes a satisfied slurp of his milkshake ]

There’s not enough rest, food, and coffee for me to keep up with their brains.

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