blue star hoodie in cotton

Blue Star Hoodie In Cotton

Y’all might wonder why I don’t sew for grownups much (shhhh it’s because they always want boring shit, and want to underpay me to boot). Well, despite this, I’m going more and more that direction especially as my daughter approaches my height – and takes on more adult proportions – and my son is fast on her heels.

Since I’m begrudgingly messing with adult-sized pattern pieces anyway, my husband stands to benefit. These last few days whilst passing a kidney stone & dealing with a cold – and a pulled hamstring (seriously WTF with me and knowing how to live┬álife) I managed to put together a hoodie for my husband – who at 6′ 1″ and of a size-Medium girth is a little tall for the garments that fit his chest. I’ve got this goal to make a set of tried-and-true patterns for him so I can clothe him in style!

Athletic stripes – cut from a creepy half-poly knit I’d used for elements of last year’s Halloween clientele (my on-grain skillz are breathtaking!):

Blue Star Hoodie In Cotton

The hoodie also sports a stenciled “distressed” star. Practicing for my next “distressed” hoodie project. I bought a Martha Stewart sponge for this! Someday I will have a real screenprinting scene set up. SOME DAY! *shakes fist*

I gotta admit it only took me about an hour and a half to put this entire hoodie together last night – even with the extra side panels and somewhat fussy stripes. I am a hoodie machine.

Ralph goes Zoolander with his “Blue Steel”:

Blue Star Hoodie In Cotton

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