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Today one of my little household projects came to fruition: new curtains for my bathroom. I think… well… some of my friends might have heard me swear I’d never sew curtains again. Maybe I even shook my fist. Nevertheless, I am pleased with these. The fabric was only in my possession a few hours before it was sewn up. Last night our friend E. accompanied Ralph, Nels and I up to Olympia where I found a really lovely seaweed-y floral on sale:


I also picked up the framing job I’d coupon’d and saved up for – for a screenprint by my friend Robin:


So. Bathroom pix it is. Above one of the doors, the little figurines a friend dropped by a little while back – love them!


A sculpture up by the light – also by Robin:


The little enamelware cups I use to store a few items – our bathroom is very small so we need to be creative to keep things tidy:


And of course – a figure of the Buddha (above our mirror). I have been (slowly) collecting Buddha figures that reflect the character or sentiment of the room they adorn. I think of our bathroom as being full of light and water, so a wooden effigy seemed apt:

It’s wonderful having a space that feels calm and nurturing.

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