Morning Rehearsal

’cause things will fade / & things will start

Kidney pain, while Ralph drives me to morning Jesus Christ Superstar on Saturday.

Morning Rehearsal

Rehearsal was great – as always. Except a costume I’d modified – for another member – didn’t perform correctly. So: I have more sewing to do.

I’m kind of “over” sewing for this particular production. In large part because I have two high-end tailored coats to create tout de suite, and in part because in general a costume – as in costume-quality work – is not my bag, baby. It’s a whole different thing. I’m not so great at it. I’m learning. And I’d feel more comfortable learning if I didn’t have a backlog of client pieces to get to. And pretty much August through December is my busy season. So: I’m learning about that, too.

It’s cold outside – but mercifully, the wind has died away. The children fill the house with laughter – a lot, a distracting amount – and a variety of plans and interests completely their own. Nels is making up these half-sheet, red-ink contracts as he tries to sign people to his band. He’s set up a music room upstairs. I’d sign on but I have a conflict with another would-be member – so, the drama of rock and roll is already in effect before the music project has been named.

My daughter and I spend today together. I discover – and dissolve into laughter upon the discovery – that she is wearing not one but two down coats. She’s like me – bundled up unreasonably. Her hair, faded from last year’s dye-job, falls across her face out of a short ponytail. She finds a gold cropped bomber jacket at a local vintage shop and begs me for it. $7 to make her smile. I’ll take it!

The windows are down and the heat in the car is on, and we speed back home through the sunshine back to the theater. Taco soup, and three-milk cake, and hot coffee, and people are tired out. And I’m with my daughter, her dear sweet body next to mine, wrapped in sweetness for winter’s chill.


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