A New Sew-A-Long - Gimme Some Slack!


I’m off to deliver some of my handmade clothing to the mama of a little boy. Included in the package: 

A New Sew-A-Long - Gimme Some Slack!

a pair of Banyan-style velveteen trousers, 100% cotton and so soft


Brown Wool Blazer

my son’s current favorite – a wool blazer (too small tho’ he doesn’t think so!)
check the elbow patches as they are too legit!

My 10 Year Old Son, This Afternoon

a bowling shirt made of shot cotton

Billy & Jamila's Wedding, 06/22/2013
a simply beautiful semi-sheer high-quality cotton yellow shirt –
I made this for the kids’ wedding ensemble
and I can’t believe I didn’t take more pictures!

Bundle Up Boy Blog Tour

Nels’ much beloved flannel shirt – 
which was also the garment used
for the internet-famous plaid shirt sew-a-long


Hero Hoodie; In Tomato & Ivory Yarn-Dyed Stripe

and finally:
an ivory-and-tomato semi-sheer summer-weight hoodie!


And of course, I’ve packed a couple other storebought items that are still in good shape.

It feels good to take a little extra time to get garments to homes that will really love them. Sometimes I mail these off; sometimes I drive them to friends (like today). When I mail them, most people Paypal me shipping or a little extra. But of course, mostly, I am trying to get some loved hand-me-downs to some great kids out there!

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