nye 2018

A Walk on NYE

2018 was a good year for us. One is tempted to trot out the “accomplishments”, and yes we have a few of those. This was my first full year filing taxes and running my business like a “real” one. I somehow kept above water on that! Ralph got another promotion and increased responsibilities at work; he also dedicated time to developing his e-sports practice, which gave him a great deal of satisfaction. I committed to practicing yoga every day of the year – and missed only three days! Phoenix graduated college, and found a boyfriend to whom he is very much devoted. Nels focussed on gaming, programming bots, and working on video editing; he also started a Discord server and continues to develop his organizational and leadership skills. Both children are gaining in maturity, and this really showed at Christmastime.

We had a few heartbreaks this year; disappointments at the hands of people we love. I don’t need to belabor those experiences because we’ve all had them. Throughout these we kept our dignity, and that’s the best you can really do.

But yes, a year of many blessings. Our health was good – don’t think I’m not grateful for yet another year without kidney symptoms! No broken bones, no illnesses, solid mental and emotional health. A safe and warm home, meaningful occupations, loving relationships, volunteer work in the community, and plenty of food and good rest. What more could we want?

Tonight we bundled ourselves in scarves and hats and warm coats and took the dog out on an evening walk. We captured a beautiful sunset and found a cup of hot tea after; picked up supplies for tomorrow’s Hoppin’ John. Home and to a fire, and a puzzle on the coffee table. Ready for a new year, and new commitments to the wonderful practice of living.

Sunset, New Years Eve in Aberdeen

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