a funeral, sketchy tire shops

I lie. The tire shop wasn’t sketchy. It was just a used tire shop, we’re bumped down from the days of Les Schwab and young handsome men running in slow motion out to the car. I should say, our finances are, though. Sketchy. We’re scraping by to afford our little conference trip. And in the […]

rapscallion kitchen

Tonight was Phoenix’s first soccer practice this season. (Here’s our daughter her first year (2008) and then last year. She is looking more like a young lady every day.) While watching I leaned on my bike and talked to J., a winsome and buxom freckled mother I knew from homeschool circles (our daughters were also […]

heartstrings and spoke lights

Today my son swam back and forth in the deep end of the recreational pool, over and over and with a smile on his face. He flipped over on his back and swam, and stuck his thumbs-up out of the water and winked at me. Then he took me over to the lap pool and […]

a maiden voyage

Oh good Lord. If more days were like this they’d make up for a baker’s dozen of bad ones. It wasn’t just that my head cold lifted and the sun came out, and I got to watch the kids swim in really awesome lessons at the Y, or that we spent most of the day […]

small wolves

Tonight I’m watching my friend Shannon’s two small boys as she, her eldest daughter, my husband Ralph and my daughter Sophie go join the City Council meeting to speak their minds.  Tonight the Council is voting on a proposed limit of chicken ownership in town. The three young boys (ages 5, 5, and 2) and […]

performing the act of trusting, again

Friday along with three other friends, Nels and Sophie and I completed a 16 mile ride, including the boldest uphill stretch. I had been worried about the after-effects of my daughter’s crash (which did not result in permanent injury or any dental problems, thank goodness) and wondered if she’d want to bike the entire way, […]

oh you know, the typical cuts and scrapes of childhood

Today I did, after all, get my opportunity to spend some rather kid-focused time: my daughter had a horrific crash on her bike while hurtling downhill on Endresen in HQX. I handle emergencies well. It’s a gift. I had a calm voice and did not doubt what it was I had to do. Blood was […]