I am a tailor, writer, mother, partner, Buddhist, vegan, and human being. Our current household consists of my spouse Ralph and I, our two children Phoenix (16), and Nels (14), one pointer-mix dog, and four kitties. Ralph and I have been together over twenty years (we celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary September 8th this year). We started our family in the lovely seaport-cum-tourist town of Port Townsend, Washington, the United States. We moved to Grays Harbor in 2007 to be close to my childhood home and my father, who was dying of cancer. I lost him in August 2008, but we’ve stayed here. I love to write, practice yoga, volunteer, and watch B-movies. I do these things while raising and unschooling two active and awesome children; our oldest entered college at 13, and has since graduated and started his design business. Our youngest is currently engaged in in bot-programing and runs a popular Discord server. I design and create clothing, write, publish sewing tutorials and sew-alongs, and work in web and graphic design.


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If you read here and find anything of value, and have the resources and the desire to support me in this way, I now provide this option. Donating supports two homeschooled kiddos, our four rescue cats and occasional foster kitten, our awesome dog, our friends and neighbors, various undertakings including volunteer work and local events, and will help keep my writings flowing and my Buddhist practice on point. Thank you for your contribution.

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