behold ye salvage bag!

You: “My, what a sedate, well-crafted messenger bag you have there. Where-ever did you buy it? How much did you pay for such a lovely piece of work – nay, art?”

Me: “Check it out, bitch! This is no boring store-bought bag! I made this UP, all by myself. From stuff I found around my sewing room and by hacking the hardware off an old canvas Target purse.”

(material salvaged from leftover fabric – my husband’s gusset-crotch pants – and Sophie’s Drive-In dress).

Note Essential Pocket #1: notebook outer pocket. And my topstitchin’ – it’s always bitchin’.

Note Essential Pocket #2: cigarette welt pocket. Welt pockets are awesome. My picture of this one is assy. Who cares. Too bad I’m not smoking at the moment. I’ll take it up though, to warrant my cool pocket.

Other essential pockets include: pen and pencil sleeves, Secret Tampon Pocket, bound zippered pocket for makeup etc.

Closeup of the delightfully garish inner fabric.

craftin’ the light fantastic

This year’s school backpack for Sophie:

Made from a pair of brown corduroy pants my mom gave me for recon. I also got a pair of 70’s style slacks for Sophie out of this donation too. See, I can be frugal when I wanna!

Nerdily wearing a dress and pants I also sewed for her. Too young to know it isn’t cool to wear handsewn stuff from Mama.

Here was last year’s backpack (which she still uses):

Look at how little she is! And her chubby little arms! And that little booty in the overalls!

A closeup of the Jack patch, which I got from LoriV’s shop at Etsy (so cute, so fast, amazing packaging – I am going to Etsy-stalk her until she’s tired of me!).

This is my first knitting project of the season. A stripey Halloween-esque hat for the girl. Yes, I do in fact know I have another child, and yes I am going to sew for him. Sheesh!

I know I’m biased, but my daughter is beautiful.

from Kelly’s weekend of exhaustive sewing enterprises

Last Sunday we attended our friends Pete and Brenda’s birthday party for their son, Archer (more pictures from the party here). Here’s the backpack I sewed for the boy (sadly, the backpack pictures are only so-so – the embroidery says “Archer”, duh):

Sophie not only loves my sewing, she helps me with a lot of it (in this case, she sat on my lap for some of the stitches and picked out the buttons). Then she is thrilled to gift it. Just look at her expression and body language. I know in my heart of hearts I may not always have a child who shares my passion, but for now I do, and I love it.

Embroidery is not my forte – not yet, anyway – so I had Abbi do this for me – she is speedy and talented. In return I am tracing her a pattern for my lurvely custom-made boxer shorts. P.S. check out my friend Brenda’s truly amazing rack!

a pumpkin king for my li’l punkin queen

What can I say about Etsy? It’s kind of like having one’s own custom sweatshop! Just don’t tell the lovely artisans I buy from that I think so. The prices are reasonable and the items are diverse, cute, and creative! You find someone’s shop or style you like and you can usually get a custom item. Today these are winging their way to me, thanks to a $10 Paypal investment:

Jack + Sophie, a match made in heaven. This will go on Sophie’s new school backpack which I am currently cutting out.

I couldn’t resist this spider patch, either. Not sure where I’m gonna put it.

These were custom-made by LoriV, who does collages and custom patches, the latter of which have a wonderful style all their own.

Thanks, lovely Lori!

you know you want it!

Finished today:

Nels: “So soft! What are these for? Oh – my sweet *bottom*? You mean, intead of scratchy 2-ply toilet paper or perfumey wipes, I’ll get the whisper-soft touch of flannel? Oh Mama, you shouldn’t have!”

Mama: “Yes, Nels. Your sweet li’l nether cheeks deserve only the best. I lovingly crafted sixteen double-sided, topstitched cloth wipes to grace your royal bum.”

Nels: “Thanks, Mama! You’re the best. I’ll get working on that next foul FecalStorm diaper for you right away!”

Ottobre, you motherfucker

So, I just today finished the dreaded bunting I’m making for a friend (her baby shower is tomorrow – so keep it mum for now! Here are some pictures:

Cute! Outer blue / black superwarm flannel with contrast inset and ears (fabric here). Lined with 100% cotton interlock cowboy print from wazoodle.

I won’t bore you with all the sewing lingo (if you want that, read my pattern review) as to why this project totally kicked me in the balls. Let’s just say: shell + lining + Ottobre’s terse instructions = fuckville. It turned out cute enough: and definitely warm, sturdy, and all soft cotton on baby’s skin.

Multi-colored buttons, tummy panel, oval front closure.

Last but not least – piglet tail!