a pumpkin king for my li’l punkin queen

What can I say about Etsy? It’s kind of like having one’s own custom sweatshop! Just don’t tell the lovely artisans I buy from that I think so. The prices are reasonable and the items are diverse, cute, and creative! You find someone’s shop or style you like and you can usually get a custom item. Today these are winging their way to me, thanks to a $10 Paypal investment:

Jack + Sophie, a match made in heaven. This will go on Sophie’s new school backpack which I am currently cutting out.

I couldn’t resist this spider patch, either. Not sure where I’m gonna put it.

These were custom-made by LoriV, who does collages and custom patches, the latter of which have a wonderful style all their own.

Thanks, lovely Lori!

you know you want it!

Finished today:

Nels: “So soft! What are these for? Oh – my sweet *bottom*? You mean, intead of scratchy 2-ply toilet paper or perfumey wipes, I’ll get the whisper-soft touch of flannel? Oh Mama, you shouldn’t have!”

Mama: “Yes, Nels. Your sweet li’l nether cheeks deserve only the best. I lovingly crafted sixteen double-sided, topstitched cloth wipes to grace your royal bum.”

Nels: “Thanks, Mama! You’re the best. I’ll get working on that next foul FecalStorm diaper for you right away!”

Ottobre, you motherfucker

So, I just today finished the dreaded bunting I’m making for a friend (her baby shower is tomorrow – so keep it mum for now! Here are some pictures:

Cute! Outer blue / black superwarm flannel with contrast inset and ears (fabric here). Lined with 100% cotton interlock cowboy print from wazoodle.

I won’t bore you with all the sewing lingo (if you want that, read my pattern review) as to why this project totally kicked me in the balls. Let’s just say: shell + lining + Ottobre’s terse instructions = fuckville. It turned out cute enough: and definitely warm, sturdy, and all soft cotton on baby’s skin.

Multi-colored buttons, tummy panel, oval front closure.

Last but not least – piglet tail!

my 201

One of my longed-for goals is to actually POST to this portion of my site. I don’t think anyone *reads* it, but hey – one can always hope for the best!

Here are some pictures of my Singer 201, given to me two years ago by a friend. I am finally starting to sew with it. These pictures are crap, I know: I had to use my husband’s camera phone (click):

birfday gift: yet another homo bag

Pegs is having her 19th birthday in a couple days. Happy birthday, Pegs! Last Saturday we did one of those family birthday things. My kids made her a card and I threw together this purse. It was very fun.

For the raw materials: Pegs gave me this t-shirt and pair of jeans 2 years ago intending me to make a skirt out of the shirt. The jeans had a rather essential (read: crotchal) tear and couldn’t really be mended. I’ve always wondered how cool a purse would be, sewn in jersey and reinforced / lined by denim.

For the top zipper: RS together, sew a window for the zipper. Slash to corners, flip RS out. Edgefinish. Topstitch zipper in. Easy-peasy.

Zig-zag stitching is very fun, and fortunately, works well on t-shirt knits. This is all you get to see of the jeans lining. Yes, I took a back pocket out and sewed it inside, too. Tee-hee!

let’s just pretend a three month wait is worth it

Today’s FO (note clean kitchen table).

God, I feel like an arse for rarely updating here. Believe it or not, I’m still sewing. Yesterday, a girlfriend brought me a cabinet sewing machine (an old Kenmore) that has been a lot of fun to tinker with. Sadly, I also decided yesterday I am going to stop taking Kerry’s sewing classes due to serious restrictions on spending. I have vowed to post more here for my (2) sewing fans.

A side box-pocket.

Closeup of trim (heh heh).

My first welt pocket, a very fun technique learned from Kerry.

Zipper and lining closeup. I have some great purse tricks up my sleeve, for anyone who wants help making a bag.

( Tumbleweed blows by).

Thanks to Ralph for photos and the clean kitchen table.