my 201

One of my longed-for goals is to actually POST to this portion of my site. I don’t think anyone *reads* it, but hey – one can always hope for the best!

Here are some pictures of my Singer 201, given to me two years ago by a friend. I am finally starting to sew with it. These pictures are crap, I know: I had to use my husband’s camera phone (click):

birfday gift: yet another homo bag

Pegs is having her 19th birthday in a couple days. Happy birthday, Pegs! Last Saturday we did one of those family birthday things. My kids made her a card and I threw together this purse. It was very fun.

For the raw materials: Pegs gave me this t-shirt and pair of jeans 2 years ago intending me to make a skirt out of the shirt. The jeans had a rather essential (read: crotchal) tear and couldn’t really be mended. I’ve always wondered how cool a purse would be, sewn in jersey and reinforced / lined by denim.

For the top zipper: RS together, sew a window for the zipper. Slash to corners, flip RS out. Edgefinish. Topstitch zipper in. Easy-peasy.

Zig-zag stitching is very fun, and fortunately, works well on t-shirt knits. This is all you get to see of the jeans lining. Yes, I took a back pocket out and sewed it inside, too. Tee-hee!

let’s just pretend a three month wait is worth it

Today’s FO (note clean kitchen table).

God, I feel like an arse for rarely updating here. Believe it or not, I’m still sewing. Yesterday, a girlfriend brought me a cabinet sewing machine (an old Kenmore) that has been a lot of fun to tinker with. Sadly, I also decided yesterday I am going to stop taking Kerry’s sewing classes due to serious restrictions on spending. I have vowed to post more here for my (2) sewing fans.

A side box-pocket.

Closeup of trim (heh heh).

My first welt pocket, a very fun technique learned from Kerry.

Zipper and lining closeup. I have some great purse tricks up my sleeve, for anyone who wants help making a bag.

( Tumbleweed blows by).

Thanks to Ralph for photos and the clean kitchen table.

staples and sundries

I was recently gifted (under somewhat odd circumstances) a gift card for $25 at our has-everything local store. This gave me permission to stock up on that stuff I “need” (rather than project materials). So here’s my haul:

* 1 pack Schmetz universal needles
* 1 packSchmetz denim / jeans needles
* 6 class 66 bobbins (tired of winding contrasting thread on half-bobbins)
* Olfa 45 mm rotary blade (i want to marry my rotary cutting stuff)
* Nonce dark fabric marking pencil (anyone knowing the best marking methods out there – let me know!)
* Dritz seam-ripper (goodbye to my faithful “Brownie”)

Total: $21.27

This leaves $3.73 which should be enough for a zipper (super-secret gift for Kelly). Desired next purchase, to the tune of $15 or so: cork board to hang in my sewing room.


Can I just out myself as the world’s biggest geek?

Of course, I’m not – not really. I mean, I was hardly the first girl to decide I *needed* to make a Jayne hat (as evidenced by this blog, various fan sites, the craftster thread, and other LJ stuff I’m too lazy to post). However, once the urge hit me it was like a fire in my loins that needed to be quenched.

Don’t try this at home. The knitting part, though, that’s easy. Rather than hunt all over town for the right yarn, needles, etc I purchased the kit at A few days later I got the pattern, needles, yarn, pom-poms (premade – I would rather punch myself in the face than make pompoms!), stitch markers, and darning needle in one package, wrapped up tidy and lovely.

Bad ass ‘tude – just another service they offer.

christmas presents, part 1

Now that the cat’s out of the bag on Christmas gifts, it’s time to post some of them. Here’s a little felt mouse posing along with the co-creator of said felt mouse – made at the Open Art project at Belltower Art here in PT:

You’d think she did it all herself, but mostly she just picked out the project, the colors and materials, then proceeded to try to be as annoying as possible while I frantically sewed.

A closeup. I crotcheted the tail! It turned out pretty badly but I was jonesin’ for coffee and didn’t care at that point.

And my handmade doll for my brother:

He’s soft and cuddly. I made this based off of (read = “blatantly ripping off from”) this little guy from

my obsessive projects

This is the mix tape / hat I made for my sister’s care package. She is going to Spain for a month so I thought I would send her a care package that wasn’t too heavy to carry along:

Here is Sophie is modeling the hat because she’s so sassy:

I really hope my sister likes it, but if she doesn’t – I still had fun making it.

This weekend I also finished Nels’ hat from Little Turtle Knits (please forgive fatness and sleepiness in child):


I bought this pattern today. It is quite rad! Meanwhile, my sister’s hat has one horn left to complete… Unless I want to send her a deformed unicorn hat, instead of a li’l devil one!

And I started on a hat for Nels in Brown Sheep’s Lambs’ Pride worsted (of course), color periwinkle. I am ashamed to admit this, but I’m going to make him a matching winter bunting of sorts. Here was last winter’s bunting, which I think is possibly the best thing ever sewn for a baby:

What’s not to like? It’s like having a bear cub, without the carnage.

My husband drew this picture of me knitting on Saturday. Gee, can you feel the love?